Is Golfing Right For You?

So you’re looking to get into a new hobby and have already started thinking about golfing. That’s great, but it is also where you should stop and think for a minute. Think about what you ask? Well, that is exactly what we are going to show you in this article.

Yet, this thought inevitably leads to more questions, such as: what kind of equipment do I need? How expensive is golfing? Is golfing right for me?

Since we think that the last question is the most important one, and that you shouldn’t spend a dime on golfing before you’ve carefully considered whether this activity is right for we’ll help you answer this question right here, right now.

2 Questions To Ask

So is golfing right for you or not?

Well, we recommend you ask 2 slightly related questions in order to arrive at an answer. Really, it is onl 2 questions and they will save you from a lot of potential regrets in the long run.

First, ask yourself whether you like coordination, for this is the primary skill to develop as a golfer. Golfing requies you to learn a new kind of posture and movement and be able to internalize it down to a tee. Otherwise you’ll never make it even close to the hole. Even worst, you might never make any meaningful progress and that will frustrate you in the long run.

So ask yourself: would I enjoy practicing a single movement over and over and over again ( in order to be rewarded by making your golf ball cover hundreds of meters of distance and eventually finding it’s way into a tiny hole on a huge golf course)?.

If that answer is yes, do move on to the second question. But answer first now!

2. Do you mind waiting?

Golf is not a fast-paced sport. Instead, golf means playing the long and the mental game. Successful golfing requires partience, and respect for your fellow golfers, since there might be plenty people ahead of you on the golf course.

So if you’re a person who resents waiting or taking a leisurely scroll along the green, golf might not be for you. Even worse, you might even get annoyed by it in time and would have wasted your money on precious equipment.

If instead, you enjoy being out in nature and practicing patience, golf could be right up your alley.

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